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  • At Rasoi we believe that is our responsibility to give back to our community and spread good karma. We participate in many charity events through out the year giving away food to guests that are taking part and donating for a good cause. We are always open to new opportunities, and would love to partner up with new charities and organizations. Below is a list of Events that we will be participating in. Should your Organization be interested in partnering up with our restaurant, please contact our management team.

  • Our Team
  • Executive head chefs Nalin Patel, Sarker Nasim Ahmed, Srinad Narisetty and owner Rex Patel lead Rasoi’s kitchen and have reinvented traditional Indian Cuisine by introducing a tapas style menu inspired by different cultures while still maintaining bold Indian flavours. Nalin, and Rex are of Gujurati Indian decent which is known widely for their fresh subtle flavours and vegetarian cooking. Sarker Nasim Ahmed is from Bangladesh, which is known for the preparation of flavourful meat and seafood dishes and for using potent herbs and spices to create a variety of masalas. Srinad Narisetty is South Indian known for their Hyderabadi style of cooking and Dhosa specialties. As well our line cooks are from various regions in India such as Punjab which is in the North of India and known for using the tandoor oven for baking naan breads and meats with rich, bold flavours, as well as the South of India which is known for using fiery and aromatic spices and for their fresh seafood specialties. The kitchen staff also likes to keep the dining experience fun and innovative by having popular street food items on the menu that are very popular in Indian metropolitan cities such as Mumbai. Owner Rex Patel also likes to keep things interesting by keeping up with North American food trends and applying a modern spin on classical Indian food.

I come from a traditional Indian Gujarati home, where my mother would cook for our family every day. My father, my brother and I would get so excited when she would yell out that dinner was ready, we would stop doing whatever we were doing (even putting our video games on pause) to run over to the dining room table. My mother would create such mouth watering dishes from recipes that were passed down from her mother and her mother before that. When I was a young boy and would get into mischief (which happened quite often), my mother would punish me, not by sending me to my room or by taking away my television privileges, but instead forcing me to help her in the kitchen preparing dinner. While the other kids were playing in the park or riding their BMX bikes, I was chopping garlic, ginger, onions and peeling potatoes. I hated every moment of it until I tasted what I helped create. After a while I discovered my passion for cooking and I am forever grateful to my mother for showing me around the kitchen and passing down her family recipes to me. This restaurant is dedicated to her, my mother, Panna Patel for teaching me everything I know :- REX

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$2 Canadian Maritime Oysters

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(Friday -Saturday after 10pm during oyster season )

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Rasoi’s stylish setting, warm ambience and its world inspired Indian cuisine provide the perfect venue for any special occasion. Every detail of your event will be thoughtfully considered, whether it’s an intimate dinner for friends, an anniversary party, a corporate luncheon or an extravagant soirée, Rasoi is passionate about creating experiences that would exceed your expectations. Please take a moment to check out our GROUP MENU.
Our restaurant can also be booked, on Sundays and Mondays, for private parties for more than 40 people. The option of specialized menus is available for your events and be can be catered accordingly to your needs. For more information or to schedule an event at Rasoi please fill out the form below or contact us directly by calling 514-544-9866.

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We know that pairing wines with spicy food can be a difficult task. That is why we have selected very specific wines from across the globe, with bold, aromatic, fruity and rich flavours that work in harmony with our delicious fusion inspired menu. Ask our staff and they will help you pick the right wine according to your taste, making sure that your dinner experience is a memorable one.

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